2022 BMW i8 Review

2022 BMW i8 Review

2022 BMW i8 Review– What you see may be seen as a concept car for the future, but it is actually a design that is six years old. The BMW i8, which is actually out of production, uses a mixture of lightweight materials, extensive aerodynamics, and hybrid technology to create a more ethical sports car that can break 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds.

Extensive use of carbon fiber makes the i8 lightweight, so it can work hard to the 155mph limiter. Throw in a shocking soundtrack of the three-cylinder engine and the i8 is really interesting to drive. It handles well, too, although the lack of feedback via the steering wheel stops it from being as enjoyable as its Porsche and Audi contemporaries.

It also travels faster than the 911 or R8 and there is less road noise, but the i8 struggles with being able to run silently on about 20 miles of electric power between charges. Indeed, choose one of the cars that are updated from 2018 onwards and the range goes up to 34 miles. Being a plug-in hybrid, it can run in electric-only mode or with the gasoline engine and electric motor working together (or even with the gasoline engine acting as a generator to charge the battery) for potentially small operating costs.

2022 BMW i8 Exterior

The front seats are also quite difficult to get into due to the low roof of the car, butterfly doors, and side sills, but once you enter the i8 feels quite special, with swooping panels in chrome plated, high-quality leather and plastic, two large digital screens for the counter incredible speed and infotainment, as well as ambient lighting. There aren’t any different trim levels, but all i8s have temperature control, DAB radio, sat-nav, a head-up display, heated electric front seats, and a parking sensor.

Prices for the starting i8 start at £ 37,000 for a 2015 car with a mileage of around 50,000 miles and a full-service history. Increase the stakes to £ 40,000- £ 45,000 for more examples of 2015 and 2016 with lower mileage or bought from franchise dealers. Expect to spend £ 45,000 to £ 55,000 on a good 2017 or 2018 car, and around £ 60,000 to £ 65,000 on a 2019 or 2020 car. The savings are quite large as they start from around £ 115,000 when new.

2022 BMW X8 M Hybrid V8

BMW will soon be crowning its SUV lineup with the X8 topping the line – including the flagship M hybrid version which will be the Munich company’s most powerful series-production model to date.

Expected to be revealed later next year as the 2022 model, the X8 functions as a sportier, bolder seven-seat version of the X7. While the X8 was once thought to take its coupe-like rear design cues from the smaller X6, this first spy photo reveals that it maintains a square roofline – even though it appears inferior to the X7.

2022 BMW X8 Hybrid

This suggests that the X8 will retain three rows of seats, either in the form of seven seats or with six captain-style seats that offer greater luxury. Nothing has been confirmed.

Other design cues that marked this car out of the X7 include a tapered nose design and wider shoulder line, plus reduced glass.

The technical details of the X8 are yet to be revealed, but the hope is that it will share a wider platform and many mechanics with the X7.

However, unlike the X7, the M50i won’t be the best in this lineup as the X8 has also been designed with the full-fat M version at the forefront of its development. While Autocar understands that it won’t launch until about a year after the standard X8, the X8 M will feature a plug-in hybrid system, mating a 4.4-liter V8 with an electric motor and battery pack. Insiders suggest anything up to 750bhp will be possible as a result, making it the most powerful BMW ever.

2022 BMW i8 Review
2022 BMW i8 Review

The plug-in hybrid element will also allow BMW to dramatically reduce the average emissions of its car fleet. Expect CO2 ratings to be below 100g / km as a result. What’s not clear is whether BMW also plans a conventional-fuel X8 M to sit next to it, with less power and weight.

Considering the X7 M50i is over £ 90,000, this range-topping model should push the X8 nicely down to six figures. However, the most affordable X8 is expected to start at around £ 80,000.

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