2022 Honda Civic Redesign

2022 Honda Civic Redesign

2022 Honda Civic Redesign– We got our first real look at the all-new Honda Civic 2022 when a series of design patent drawings were discovered online depicting a compact car that is quieter and more understated than the tenth generation model currently on sale.

2022 Honda Civic

But now other artists have tried to reinterpret the patent image into renderings of the regular Honda Civic, as well as the quite sporty Civic Si. The results did not disappoint.

The regular 2022 Honda Civic envisioned by designer Kleber Silva looks decidedly upscale alongside the current tenth generation model, with an overall more restrained design. Gone are the tenth generation’s oversized taillights, an overly rigid crescent shape, and the front fascia graphics have all been straightened and simplified to something more akin to a mid-sized Mazda 6. Some liberty has been taken with the design, such as an upward kink on the rear edge.

2022 Honda Civic Evolutionary Style

The new design will be more evolutionary than revolutionary, based on what we have seen in the most recent patent photos posted on the Australian government’s intellectual property website. Overall, expect a tame design compared to the current model’s overly stylish exterior, with a slight Honda Insight twist on the front and rear fascia. The patent photo shows the Civic with a slimmer grille, long hood, and conventional-looking taillights instead of the old C-shaped unit.

Open the door, and you will see a more modern cabin. The Honda Civic 2022 is likely to come with a bigger touchscreen and the latest iteration of Honda’s infotainment software. It is likely that the traditional gear shaft will be replaced by a push-button shift on a model with an automatic transmission, as seen on many other recent Honda products.

2022 Honda Civic Engine and Transmission

It makes sense that Honda will continue to offer the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine across the range. The engine delivers the 174 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque standard on the current Civic, while some versions of the Civic hatchback up the ante with a maximum of 180 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. It’s unclear whether the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine will survive the redesign. We didn’t anticipate a hybrid powertrain – which is why Honda has the Insight.

Honda must continue to offer the CVT. With Honda dropping the Accord manual transmission, we can only hope the Civic retains an option for those looking to paddle gears on their own.

2022 Honda Civic Style and Trims

So which body style will continue? Of course, we can count on the sedan. Unfortunately, the Civic Coupe is gone for good, with slow sales and customer preferences shifting to the blame. While the Civic Si is resting for the 2021 model year, Honda assures us we will return for 2022.

2022 Honda Civic Style
2022 Honda Civic Style

The Type R is expected to continue to provide a sensation for those who like to drive. Rumor has it that the hot hatch will eventually become a hybrid.

Honda will make the Civic 2022 available in a variety of trim levels. This will likely be similar to the current lineup consisting of the LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, and Touring (Sport Touring) models.

2022 Honda Civic Interior

The new dashboard changes the layout of the instrument panel, placing the infotainment system above the dashboard with what appear to be openings for the speakers behind it. Below the infotainment screen is an HVAC vent, which sits above a chamber likely to function as temperature control for the car and, possibly, some infotainment function. At the bottom of the IP stack is a large opening that will likely accommodate a sizable storage area in front of the gear selector location, like in today’s cars, which also houses a USB charging port.

The interior looks a lot softer than the previous one, although that could be the result of a boring two-dimensional image. The dashboard also has more straight lines than the current one. The vents are narrower, and now everything is in neatline. Moving the infotainment screen to the top of the dashboard gives the interior a much cleaner look. Even the shadows of the instrument cluster are subtle.

2022 Honda Civic Redesign
2022 Honda Civic Redesign

Unlike the previous generation Civic, there will be no coupe. We will only accept the sedan and hatchback variants this time with the hotter Si and Type R variants to be launched at a later date.

2022 Honda Civic Price and Release Date

Prices for the Honda Civic 2022 have not been announced. But we can only hope that they will increase from the current ranks. That means the new sedan will exceed $ 21,755, and the Si will hit $ 26,155. The new Civic Hatchback should be priced above $ 22,955. Look for the new Civic to debut in late spring 2021.

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