2022 Mazda 6 Redesign

2022 Mazda 6 Redesign

2022 Mazda 6 Redesign– Mazda is on a mission. While the badge states that you may be buying a vehicle that is reliable but not very premium, the brand’s bold move in the market over the last few years is clear. Just sit in the new Mazda 3 or CX-30 with a premium and classy cabin to see what we mean.

But it’s not just what you can see and touch that shows Mazda’s plans to compete with more respectable Euro rivals. Best Car Web has shared some details relating to Mazda’s next-generation line of vehicles, and there are a lot of points of interest.

One of the most exciting prospects is the all-new Mazda 6, due to arrive in March 2022. We already know that this sedan will shift to a rear-wheel-drive layout and feature an inline-six engine, both of which represent a complete departure from the propulsion model. current front wheel with its four-pot motor.

A maximum output of just under 300 horsepower is on the card. Despite this strong output, the WLTP cycle shows a consumption figure of around 35 mpg. If these numbers can be achieved with the final product, it will be a brilliant show for Mazda

Apart from the Mazda 6, the new CX-5 SUV is slated to arrive in early 2023 with the same inline-six and RWD layout, which confirms previous rumors about the popular crossover. However, we hope that this is also offered with the AWD option. Below the CX-5 is the next CX-3, which will be introduced in June 2022. It will also use SkyActiv-X technology but use a smaller 1.5-liter engine.

Other than some initial renderings, we don’t yet know exactly what this model will look like. What is certain is that the new engine and the transition to RWD on a larger model will set Mazda apart from its original rivals and make BMW seem a little more uncomfortable in its seat than before.

Next-Generation Mazda 6 Shifts to RWD Layout, Power Inline-Six

Mazda’s recent upscale ambitions have worried us. The luxury middle-class market ceased to be friendly about 40 years ago. (How has Oldsmobile been doing these days?) But just when we thought Mazda was completely missing the plot, the company seemed poised to make a redemption of itself. Most of the carmakers competing in the middle of the road dressed the main mechanical parts in brown leather and offered sheet metal molded by more grandiose designers.

2022 Mazda 6 Interior

Against that trend, Mazda plans to adopt a full-luxury model blueprint and hang a lower price on it. The next-generation 6, which will go on sale in late 2022, will get a full Bavarian model, transitioning to a longitudinal engine platform with inline-six and rear-wheel drive.

The engine wasn’t just a new layout for Mazda. It will incorporate the company’s Skyactiv-X type ignition gasoline technology as well as a 48-volt hybrid system. We’ve seen numbers close to 350 horsepower thrown in. If that sounds like an unrealistic R&D load for a Mazda company, yes, it is. However, Mazda has recently deepened its relationship with Toyota, which is likely to adopt the six-cylinder Skyactiv-X for the next-generation Lexus IS and RC. With a Toyota budget, Mazda engineers might be able to welcome Elon Musk to Mars with a shrimp buffet sourced locally.

You already have a pretty good idea of ​​what this car will look like. Reflects Mazda’s Vision Coupe concept, which debuted at the 2017 Tokyo auto show. The long hood and short deck exhibit clearly project rear-drive purpose, shrouded in the evolution of Mazda’s seductive stylistic language with smoother lines and refined shapes.

There is even a possibility that Mazda will emulate the Lexus and incorporate the inline-six into the four and two-door bodies. Turn back two years before the Vision Coupe and you’ll get the RX-Vision, a Mazda sports car concept with a hood that was considerably longer than needed for the Wankel spin the company envisioned at the time. Few things reinforce the upscale image better than the rear-drive sports coupe. But the rear-drive sports sedan is also a great start.

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