2023 Acura MDX Specs, Price & Redesign

2023 Acura MDX Specs, Price & Redesign

2023 Acura MDX Specs, Price & Redesign– The redesigned three-line luxury SUV is likely to debut soon with the same 355 hp V-6 turbo engine as the sedan. However, this is information for 2022 Acura MDX, because until now accurate information for 2023 Acura MDX has not been available either on grub or on the website.

The Acura MDX crossover is set to be redesigned for 2022, and here’s a nice look.

After overhauling the RDX compact crossover and TLX sedan. The Acura is now turning its attention to the MDX three line SUV. This popular crossover is set to get a redesign for 2022, and this spy photo shows a more sculpted look in line with other recent brand changes.

2023 Acura MDX Specs, Price & Redesign
2023 Acura MDX Specs, Price & Redesign

Technically, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the new Acura MDX 2022, as the peculiarity of the bizarre infotainment system means that clever forum posters stumbled upon TLX and MDX renderings more than a year ago, well before their official release. debut. But this Acura MDX spy photo is further proof that the new MDX looks exactly what you think of the SUV version of the new TLX. The headlamps are similar in shape, the latest Acura grille design with a large “A” logo in the center, and angled taillights.

Despite its looks, we expect the MDX to share at least one powertrains with the TLX, as the 355-hp 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 found in the Type S sedan’s performance variant is a sure bet for the SUV. Likewise with the Acura SH-AWD system, along with a 10-speed automatic transmission. A hybrid drivetrain is also possible as a follow-up to the current MDX Sport Hybrid model, such as the performance-oriented Type S model to provide answers to the world’s M and AMG SUVs.2023 Acura MDX Interior

The new MDX looks somewhat bigger than the current model, which should provide more interior space. Three rows of seats will become the standard, as has been the case with every generation of MDX. We anticipate that the interior will take a step forward in terms of high-end materials and modern design as Acura strives to shed an image of pseudo-luxury for a truly premium vibe.

Even so, the new MDX will likely retain its price advantage over peer-to-peer German competitors such as the Audi Q7 and BMW X5 when it arrives later this year. We think it will start at under $ 50,000, which will put it in the hunt with other luxury three-line crossovers like the Genesis GV80, Lexus RX L, and the Infiniti QX60.

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