2023 Ferrari Roma Review

2023 Ferrari Roma Review– The Ferrari Roma was presented in 2019 by Prancing Horse as the lowest or entry-level model of the entire product line-up. Ferrari wants to welcome new potential customers through Rome as its entry point. The format is also simple; a coupe grand tourer (GT), capacity 2+2, long bonnet, front-engine, rear-wheel drive. However, it still has the technology and performance of a typical Ferrari that can be enjoyed at any time, not just chatting on weekends or circuits.

Roma is present as the first GT front-engine coupe with a V8 engine, without a folding roof aka a convertible. Previously, the GT coupe alerted by Ferrari had always been a V12 engine since this manufacturer was founded and produced a road car in 1947. California or Portofino do not count because they are categorized as convertible coupes.

To welcome new potential customers or drivers who want to be able to enjoy a Ferrari every day, Roma has a unique formula. The design tends to be aggressive-elegant, still has a sharp snout but does not show a large gaping grille or intake like a predator about to pounce on prey. The curves of the body are sculpted smoothly without dramatic breaks, with a classic GT-style feel. At first glance, the silhouette is reminiscent of the 1960s model, or the latest from the 550/575 model in the early 2000s.

The V8 engine used in the Ferrari Roma is the award-winning, award-winning 3.9-liter twin-turbo unit used by the F8 Tributo, 488 Pista, GTC4 Lusso T, Portofino, since its debut in the California T. namely 620 hp power and 760 Nm of torque, not a number to play with even though for a Ferrari this is a “beginner” car.

In Indonesia, Roma has been officially introduced by Ferrari in March 2021, along with the operation of a new brand holder agent (APM), namely Ferrari Eurokars. Well, to present the experience of “arriving in Rome”, Ferrari invited us to try it firsthand. Not on a closed circuit or an inter-city road, we were invited to taste Rome around the city of Jakarta, Rome’s supposed habitat. As if to give the experience of being accompanied by Rome as a daily car of choice.

Meeting the Roma unit wearing silver, his demeanor is like an anti-social athlete, in the sense that he doesn’t want to appear to attract attention. But it can still be recognized by the installation of the Scuderia Shield on the front fender. Even though the cockpit looks tiny from the outside, it turns out that once inside it is more or less the same as the Portofino cabin. Moreover, at the back, there are also two extra seats for passengers, which is not recommended for old men.

The unique nuance of the interior is felt from the separation between the driver and passenger seats in the form of a high console as if it were an individual room. Different from other Ferrari models, on the center console, there is a large vertical screen like an iPad. The center of this infotainment system controls the audio system, navigation, communication, and air conditioning. However, the sensitivity of the touch screen is not as good as that of the GTC4 Lusso or Portofino. But even though it’s an entry-level model, the Roma has the same driver interface as the SF90 via full digital instruments and a steering wheel with haptic touch features.

The roar of the default V8 engine is still as fierce as the other siblings. It barks fiercely when it’s started, but doesn’t bother anyone around when it’s idle. The initial acceleration of the Roma engine, even though it has two turbo units, immediately provides torque that seems to have no end. Since starting to gas, the torque has been solidly felt, thanks to the Variable Boost management application. Ferrari wants to give a sensation like a naturally-aspirated engine, providing an output that tends to be linear and not explosive.

The torque kick is even more pronounced when it hits the middle rpm. At the same time, the sound of the engine is also getting louder to be enjoyed from inside the cockpit. The Roma gearbox has one more gear than other V8 models, the 8-speed DCT. Gearshifts are smooth and seamless with tight ratios, but give a long breath in 8th gear. Of course, as a daily supercar, Ferrari also wants to make the Roma more fuel-efficient, along with the increasingly stringent emission demands.

Roma’s pace may indeed be more polite or tame than other Ferraris, but when it comes to handling, Ferrari doesn’t want to compromise. Steering remains intuitive and feels alive, translating every turn of the steering wheel with precision. The weight and responsiveness of the steering wheel can be adjusted according to the choice of driving mode. To dodge in the middle of Jakarta traffic, just use Comfort mode. Even so, there are still Race mode options available between Wet, Comfort, Sport, and ESC Off modes.

Its compact dimensions make the Roma easy and comfortable to maneuver at every crossroads in the city. Visibility is also minimal blind spots. And if you are worried about the power that is still quite savage, the standard brakes made of carbon-ceramic material guarantee that the car can be stopped quickly. Ferrari does not want to compromise on this.

What seems a little strange from this car, for the first time, Ferrari provides a series of ADAS (Advanced Driving Aid System) Level 1 through Rome. Consumers can get features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning with Traffic Sign Recognition, Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and Surround View Camera. During this test session, the most active are Blind Spot and Rear Cross Traffic Alert because of the busy streets. While the Surround View Camera helps show the conditions around the car when it is going to park backward.

Overall impression of the Ferrari Roma, this car must be admittedly friendly enough to be invited to drive casually in the city. The performance is fairly tame but still dynamic to be driven fast. In our opinion, the comfort is comparable to the GTC4 Lusso, especially with its mature and not too stiff suspension character.

It seems Rome will be more proven if it can be invited to drive long distances, like a grand tourer. So with Rome, there’s a simple relaxed supercar option available. If previously you were looking for a V8-engined grand tourer that only had Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz but was still not interested, now Roma is here as an alternative to enter the jet set of Ferrari owners.

So if you can buy a Roma and feel like you’ve reached the pinnacle of your journey to success, Ferrari says “welcome!” Because you are just starting the journey of a series of driving experiences even more from other Ferrari product lines. Once you get acquainted with Roma, you’re sure to be drawn to other, more violent Ferraris. In short, “Benvenuto a Roma!” and welcome to Ferrari. Ciao!

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